Annual ACOP Membership Renewal

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Complete the following form in full in order to renew your ACOP membership for 2021.
If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact our office at 403-273-5777.

* Indicates required fields

Membership Fees


Fees are based on your gross annual ministry income. Please select your gross annual ministry income level and the corresponding ACOP Membership fee.

Fees are a flat rate. 

DISCOUNTS - Only one discount code per membership renewal can be used
Senior Discount (20%): A Seniors Discount is available to those who are 65 years of age and older (or will turn 65 in the coming year). A 20% discount will apply on fees in their gross ministry income category. Please enter Senior65 in the Discount Code field below.

Lifetime/Honorary Discount (100%): Members over 65 who have been commissioned or ordained with ACOP for 25 years or more and are no longer employed in active ministry but would like to retain their clergy status may request Lifetime Member status. Lifetime Members are asked to renew their credentials each year, however, there will be a 100% discount applied. Lifetime Member Status must be confirmed by the ACOP office, please contact us for more information. For Lifetime Members, please enter Lifetime in the Discount Code field below.

Spouse Discount (75%): A Spouse Discount is available if both spouses are ACOP members.  The spouse with the higher income will pay full fees and the spouse with the lower income will receive a 75% discount on their fees. If your income is lower than your spouse's (who is a member) please enter Spouse in the Discount Code field below.

Total Amount
Personal, Ministry & Church Information

Please note that some fields below may be pre-filled.  If so, this is the most current information we have on file.  If your information has changed, please make the appropriate changes. By submitting this form you are acknowledging that you are the member renewing your membership and that the information is correct.

If different from first name
Primary Residential / Postal Address
IF your "primary" email address has changed, please update it below
Please update or type any "other" email address if you have one.
To update your photo for your membership card, please upload an image of yourself. Portrait orientation including upper shoulders & head only. Please make sure that it is a picture of you alone, not part of a couple or group.
Credit Card
Billing Name and Address
You may select a later start date if you wish.
Split Payment

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