What you need to read

What you need to know

There are 4 different membership types. You can read more about membership types in the Policy Manual.

  • Associate Membership is for those not pursuing clergy status but desire to identify with ACOP. If you are interested in associate membership, please click here:
  • Enlisted membership – for those requiring further ministerial development.
  • Commissioned membership – for those desiring formal clergy recognition.
  • Ordained membership – for clergy who are called to vocational ministry.

For Enlisted, Commissioned, and Ordained membership categories, please follow the steps below.

Steps to Enlisted, Commissioned, and Ordained Membership

Please complete all of these steps consecutively.

If you have already completed a step, please move on to the following step. For example, if you have created your online member profile and completed the online application questions, you may submit membership covenants and payment.

1. Initial conversation about membership with your Regional Director.

If you don’t know who your Regional Director is, please email acop@acop.ca and we will get you connected!

2. Create online member profile.

We ask for information such as your name, email, what church you currently attend, a profile picture, etc.

Click here to create ministry profile

3. Complete the online application questions.

Includes questions regarding your spiritual journey, education, etc. Please be prepared to list 3 references. We will contact them once you complete this section.

Click here to complete online application

4. Submit membership covenants and payment.
5. Submit police check/criminal record check.

You can either obtain your own police/background check ($0 – $30, depending on your local police station) and email it to acop@acop.ca, or you can permit us to submit a background check on your behalf through our partner, MyBackCheck ($35).

6. Complete the Interactive Questionnaire.

The Interactive Questionnaire may take up to 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete.

Click here for the Interactive Questionnaire

7. Interview with Regional Director and Lead Team.

After the interview, an assessment will be made to determine what category of membership best fits the applicant.

8. Approval of application and direction to membership pathway.

ACOP will determine whether you proceed as an Enlisted member, Commissioned member, or transfer of Ordination. A developmental plan will be provided to Enlisted members.

9. Complete Eston College Online courses (as assigned).

Our office will send you instruction on how to sign up for ECO.

Click here to register for ECO courses

10. Attend Open Door Retreat.

A place to gather with your Regional Director and Lead Team and others who are becoming members of ACOP in your region, ask questions, pray, and minster. You will also receive your Minister Certificate at the end of the retreat. Your Regional Director will contact you when an Open Door Retreat is scheduled.

We are excited to have you on board - let's get started!

We’re glad you’re interested in membership with ACOP. If you have any questions or comments along the way, please feel free to contact our office by email acop@acop.ca or by phone (403) 273-5777.

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