Please complete this form to apply for a grant from the ACOP BUILDS Fund.

When ACOP Global Harvest has funds available, this fund assists approved Global Partners who have already begun a building project to complete church and ministry roofs / buildings.  Please read the entire form before starting to answer questions on the form so that you are prepared with the documents and information necessary to complete the form.


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ACOP Builds Grant

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Please describe the project that you are requesting this Grant for
Total amount requested for this grant in US $ Dollars
Has the Global Partner / National Church or Organization approved this project?
Please list at least 2 other Executive Leaders from the Organization you are applying from who have approved this grant request.
Who is responsible for or owns the project / ministry where this project will be conducted? (Please note: ACOP Global Harvest cannot assist with projects or ministries that are not under the supervision or ownership of you, the Global Partner).
Please list the location of this project where this Grant will be used
Please list how you, the Local Global Partner and Community have already participated or contributed to this project.
Please list other partners who have given or contributed to this project and how they have assisted / funded the project?
Please list a summary budget for how you propose this project Grant will be used
How long will this project run? Will it be ongoing or for how many months?
Please upload any supporting documents that you would like to include with your application (e.g. picture, title deed, detailed budget, further explanations etc.).